Saturday, September 26, 2015

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the Zombie Apocaclippers edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

The big news was Carla and Tracy - womano-a-womano - thrashing it out over the fact that it was Tracy (and not Carla) who caused the fire in the flat that led to the deaths of Kal and Maddie.

All this happened at the edge of a cliff where Carla was preparing to do a boozy Bear Grylls down the side of a mountain - only with no ropes and more vodka. Now Tracy has to face the consequences of her confession and the cops show up on cue to do their Law & Order SBU (Special Barlow Unit) thing and arrest her.

Elsewhere Zeedan discovers the truth behind Leanne's latest injuries and takes up residence in the flat to keep an eye on Simon the Terrible. Jason has been released from hospital and is back home with payback on his mind. Alya has snagged a new job with a competitor of Carla's.

Roy is trying to be helpful as Ty and Fiz deal with Hope's illness but his driving skills need some shall we say... refinement. Meanwhile Anna and Tim are devastated to learn that Miley is staying in Canada (gasp!) and not coming back. Canada, you say? Pity.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Sally snipes at Beth:
"You look more like an aging Shirley Temple"
(without the singing, dancing, and acting skills)

Carla to Michelle:
"I've lost my hunger for everything - except crisps"
(Cheese and Onion, or Plain)

Roy's assessment of Goldilocks:
"Dubious morality"
(reminds me of Tracy)

David and Kylie think of a name for the salon to reflect their constant fatigue:
"Zombie Apocaclippers"
(or Night of the Living Platts)

Carla's novel combination of nature walking and alcoholic beverages:
"Vodka hike"
(similar to a gin marathon)

Tracy explains her jealousy of Carla:
"Money sticks to you.. and people"
(Lint and cat hair as well)

Sally can see that Gail doesn't want to discuss wedding details:
"You're not in the mood for discussing sugared almonds"
(She's already dealing with some nuts)

Tracy explains to Michelle and Nick why she is hiding away in her apartment:
"Duvet Day"
(probably a statutory holiday at the factory)

Carla describes her arch enemy:
"Tracy Barlow: the bitch that keeps on giving"
(She's very generous with her evilness)

The police drop by the Rovers just in time to catch Tracy:
"I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder"


Well, Cobble Comrades, so ends another week and the truth finally comes out. Tracy's back in the Big House (as opposed to the Barlow's which is the small house). Can she get out of jail on another technicality? Is Carla freed of her demons (apart from booze, gambling, men and cheekbone enhancement). We'll see next week. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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