Saturday, September 19, 2015

Coronation Street Weekender: the garden of weedin edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

I don't know about you but I can't even watch the scenes of Ty and Fiz dealing with Hope's illness. It's too much, especially after the sad and long Roy and Hayley story.

Thankfully that's not the only story underway. The week started off with 'Ginnel Time': that's when someone gets beat up in the alley. This week Callum got pummelled by Tony but Liz intervened. Liz and Lloyd decided to maintain a casual 'friends with benefits' relationship (you mean he gets free cheese and onion crisps at the Rovers? - ed).

Carla is on a downward spiral, racked with guilt over the deaths caused by the fire in her apartment. She doesn't know that it was Tracy's fault but Robert now knows the truth and has told Tracy to 'fess up.

Cathy is getting better, teaching an art class and is ready to move out of Roy's until she discovers his anguish about Hope's sickness.

And it seems that bromance is blooming on the Street. Call it Blokeback Mountain. Tim is way too excited about Kev's 50th birthday party. His gift to Kev? A 7lb bracelet which looks like a prop from 50 Shades of Grey.

Oh, and Sally got stuck in her wedding dress because of a dodgy zip. Maybe she should look for something in velcro...

And now a few lines from the week that was:

Nameplate under the hanging basket in the Barlow's backyard:
"Garden of Weedin"
(I don't get it)

Tim's boast about his smooching prowess:
"best kisser in the Northwest"
(According to Sally?  or Kev?)

Sally suspects Tim of skiving:
"I bet your sponge is as dry as a bone"
(and he hasn't been working either)

Sally explains Tim's job to Aidan:
"Window enhancement executive"
(he provides solutions for light impaired domestic transparency zones)

Gail to Sally re: the shop where Sally bought her wedding dress:
"I bought one of mine there"
(she should buy wholesale; she'd save money)

Andrea learns that Lloyd slept with Liz:
"Is this some sort of weird joke?"
(hmm. more of an anecdote with benefits I would think}

Mary explains her morbid painting to Cathy:
"For me, cut flowers are synonymous with death and betrayal"
(good to know when St. Valentine's Day comes around)


Well, fellow Corrie chums, so ends another week on a sad note. I know that Corrie producers like to explore social and health issues but it is, after all, a TV show and it wasn't long ago that two people died in a fire. There's quite enough drama without Hope's diagnosis of cancer. It almost makes you pine for an old fashioned Norris story. Oh well. Thanks for stopping by and spending time here. Have a great week and cheers to all!

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