Saturday, November 21, 2015

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the love tsunami edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Drum (or Bog) roll, please. Tony is using the ladies' loo to get into Liz's good books.  He's fixing up the restroom and Steve's (aka Steven 'Tiler') bad tiling job. Now for the piece de resistance: two tickets to a Rod Stewart tribute act (wouldn't the real thing be less expensive? - ed).

Gary's gone to 'Hamburg' to see his dad. Cathy's sister, Nessa, is wasting no time going after the prized silver fox of Weatherfield, the original, ogle-worthy octogenarian: Ken Barlow. Mind you, Audrey's not too happy. She has feelings for Ken.

Crazy Mary has found a kindred spirit, and also a boyfriend. Brendan takes her on a date to discover supernatural beings only to be interrupted by a concerned Dev. Speaking of Dev, Erica is back on the scene and seems to be getting along nicely with the Devster. Sophie turns 21 and Ty and Fiz continue to struggle with Hope's illness.

And the big news? Gail is back with a plan for a granny flat warming. Callum's Mum turns up at the Platts again in search of Callum and sympathy.

And now for a few choice lines from the week that was:

Max quizzes David about David's Mom's past relationships:
"If Gail has been married eight times, does that mean she's really good at it?"
(You'd think so, wouldn't you?)

Nessa to Cathy re: Ken:
"I could listen to him for hours"
(believe me, you will)

Norris tells Dev about his fears about Brendan:
"He could be Weatherfield's Hannibal Lecter"
(well, he did order a full English with fava beans)

Steve gets his handyman help from videos by Dab Andy. The result?
"It's a complete balls up"
(the balls may be up, but the tiles aren't)

Liz admits to Tony that she enjoys Rod Stewart
"Everybody loves a bit of hot Rod"
(his music isn't bad either)

Nessa brags about her hair styling experience to David:
"I once cut Sheena Easton's hair"
(with her permission?)

Gail to Kylie after Callum's Mom leaves:
"I could murder a cup of tea"
(speaking of murder, Gail..)

Cathy says Nessa is man crazy:
"She's like a love tsunami"
(she's certainly taken Ken by storm)

Nessa tells Cathy she loves Ken's activist past:
"He's Weatherfield's very own Che Guevara"
(right, and Eccles is Fidel Castro)

Liz is skeptical of Erica's literary knowledge:
"You wouldn't know a Shakespeare play if it bit you on the bum"
(Ass you like it ?)


Well, Corrie Cohorts, so ends another week. I'm looking forward to Gail's flat warming party. And the Ken Barlow love triangle is getting interesting too. Not to mention Mary's new friend although some (like Norris) are suspicious. Maybe Brendan is married? Or maybe he's just a free spirit. I'm sure all will be revealed in time. Thanks for stopping by. All the best and have a great week!

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  1. "original, ogle-worthy octogenarian" may not be alliteration, technically speaking, but it does abbreviate to "OOO", so that fits!