Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Track your favourite Coronation Street characters with this link to a handy world map

Ever wonder what happened to Becky? (living in a hotel in Barbados) What about Adam Barlow? Isn't he living in Canada? (Yes) And where exactly is that donkey sanctuary where Kirk and Maria's Mom and Dad live? (Cyprus).

If only there was a handy map of the world which showed where your beloved Coronation Street characters went after they "left" the Street (usually in a black taxi). Well, patient punters, now there is such a map and you can find it by clicking here. (Sadly, I don't think the link works if you're reading this via Flipboard - but if you check the blog via a web browser it should be fine).

Check it out and, yes, Eddie Windass is living in Germany (as well as Bill Webster).

(BTW, I'm sure I've overlooked one of two characters so do let me know whom I've left out).

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