Saturday, November 7, 2015

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the posthaste edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Let's focus on the good news. Business is booming at Kev's garage and doesn't Gail's granny flat look nice? (You'd hardly guess there was a body buried in the floor - ed).

Sharif wants to give his 50% interest in the gym to Gary . Johnny is sharing his considerable and dodgy expertise with the Underworld management team (slogan: we have more managers than machinists), but the factory seems to be thriving anyway. They have so much business that they even hired Eva to skive work there again.

Kirk's relationship with Beth keeps growing - like mold. Meanwhile Ken and Audrey seem to be getting rather chummy, comparing notes on Mantovani's best work (The White (noise) Album? - ed). Jason and Gary are cool.

On the other side of the coin, Ty and Fiz continue to worry as Hope undergoes her first chemo treatment. Luke's slimeball buddy, Jamie, blackmails Luke to continue auto racing (against Maria's wishes) by threatening to reveal nude photos of Steff.

Kylie is losing it while trying to assemble flat pack furniture (haven't we all though? - ed). Alya is losing it because of her impending marriage to Gary and, oh yeah, she thought she was pregnant after a one-off with Jason.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Andy and Steff are traumatized by Michael's antics at their apartment:
"Afternoon delight with Eileen on our sofa"
(sounds more like Nightmare on Elm Street)

Slimeball Jamie threatens Luke:
"Either you drive or your sister becomes an Internet porn star"
(could you repeat those options, please?)

Kirk insists on calling Anna by her family name:
"I just like saying Windass"
(don't we all)

Kylie to Rev Billy:
"I like to assemble flat pack furniture, it's a hobby"
(that lie won't hold up it court)

Kirk to Chesney about relationships:
"I'm glad I'm not complicated"
(we all are)

Kylie to David:
"I feel for Max and Lily having a murderer for a mom"
(not only that, but she can't assemble flat pack furniture)

Kevin tires of Norris' mithering about all the cars parked on the street:
"I want you to leave posthaste"
(or pre-haste, whichever comes first)


Well, Corrie campaneros, so ends another week. When is Gail coming back from Italy? Boy, is she going to be surprised. Nice to see Gary have some good luck for a change. Hopefully he won't screw it up by beating the living daylights out of a gym member for not wiping down a treadmill after using it. Have a great week and I do thank you for stopping by and reading my feverish ramblings for yet another week. All the best!


  1. Alya is pregnant?! I thought the test was negative, I guess I missed that.

  2. Hi and thanks for your timely comment. I have checked and I confess I can't find a confirmation that Alya is pregnant. I thought she was pregnant because she took the test (in the factory loo) and there was quite scene afterwards. On the other hand I don't remember anyone actually saying it was negative. Perhaps another Corrie fan can help out here. Thanks again and sorry about the erroneous and unconfirmed report (I guess I just assume that anytime a pregnancy test is taken, it's positive). All the best.