Saturday, November 28, 2015

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the inflatable banana edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

What's Liz up to anyway? Is she really interested in canoodling with Tony or something more deliciously diabolical?  Meanwhile all of Liz's peeps (Michelle, Eileen & Erica) are aghast at her behaviour.

Down the street, the demon child (Simon) has returned from Peter's. No change I'm afraid and Leanne is concerned, especially when she finds him skipping school and being generally nasty and threatening.

Erica has snagged a job as Dev's shop assistant and is also staying in Dev's vacant flat. Since Dev takes after Fred Elliot, he'll probably propose to Erica before closing time tomorrow. Ken can't decide whether he should keep seeing Nessa or respect the memory of Deirdre. Turns out he can do both.

Kate Connor seems to like working with Kirkie at Underworld and things get better when her partner shows up to surprise Kate on her birthday.  Speaking of the factory, Johnny can't stand the sound of Sally's voice (just her voice? - ed) and sends her back to the sewing pool using flattery to ease the way.

Plattwise, Gail has her garage, granny flat, hovel, mom cave, annex housewarming party. David and Kylie almost spill the beans about Callum, but David covers up by saying that Kylie's back on the drugs (Good one, Dave - ed). Luke's scummy buddy is hanging around like a bad smell (like the one in Gail's flat? - ed).

Now for some lines from the week that was:

Gail thinks her new digs will impress visitors:
"My house is going to knock 'em dead"
(it already has)

Erica to Dev about his pricing gun:
"You were showing me your deadly weapon"
(please, not in front of the customers)

Tracy's description of Nessa:
"hearse chasing old slapper"
(at least she's getting some exercise)

Eileen lists Dev's prerequisites for a compatible date:
"humanoid, female, alive"
(and humanoid is optional)

Erica reminds Liz about an ex-beau who turned out to be a cad:
"the one with the inflatable banana"
(turns out, it wasn't inflatable after all)

Liz provides a list of Eileen's romantic misadventures:
"a racist fireman, Jesse the clown, online dating your own son"
(you left out Tony)

Tony gets down on one knee:
"I love you Liz, will you be my wife?"
(well, he did take her to see a Rod Stewart cover band)


Well, Manchester muchachos, so ends another week. Liz and Tony have reached a crossroads. What will Liz do? What will Leanne do about Simon? What will Luke do about his scummy friend? What will Kylie do about her fake drug problem? I guess we'll find out next week. Thanks so much for stopping by and spending time at the Hip. Have a great week!

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