Sunday, December 13, 2015

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the inflatable Santa Claus edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

There's nothing worse than a flaccid Father Christmas, a slack Santa Claus, a non-erectile Nicolas (that's enough -ed).

No wonder Tyrone is upset after spending money he doesn't have on a giant inflatable Santa that won't stay inflated. Seems Ty will spare no expense to make Christmas special for Hope - even if he drives the family into debt.

Elsewhere, Mary discovers an alien presence while dating UFOlogist Brendan: his wife. Speaking of alien presence, Gary is determined to keep working at the gym despite Sharif's objections and he seems to be doing a good job which leaves Zeedan free to leave.

The truth about Simon comes out and Ken is shocked. Simon sees a therapist but doesn't like it and refuses to return. Robert is being very sympathetic to Leanne and Tracy doesn't like it.

And that hideous little toe rag, Jamie, makes good on his threat and publishes naked photos of Steff on the Internet. Steff confides in Leanne and is encouraged to call the police who show up at Jamie's local and arrest him.

and now for some lines from the week that was:

Mary to Dev:
"Brendan's taking me to a UFO hotspot"

Dev to Mary:
"Is that a euphemism?

Robert to Tracy after Tracy enters the bistro to find him chatting with Leanne:
"Get out, you poisonous little bitch"
(is that his pet name for her?) 

Jason thinks Gary is after his ex-girlfriend and Gary responds:
"If I want Eva, I'll have her"
(um, does someone want to consult Eva about that?)

Mary to Rita re: Erica:
"She seems to be a rather needy piece"
(too bad she doesn't need Dev)

Mary re: her new boyfriend:
"If you looked up Brendan in a thesaurus it would say 'dishy'"
(or 'fishy')

Mary to Emily about her new beau
"A little bit of feedback: butt out"
(poor Emily)

Cathy explains the giant inflatable St. Nick situation to Chesney:
"Santa didn't rise to the occasion"
(it was all over in a matter of seconds and very disappointing)

Brendan to Mary:
"There's another Inexplicable convention coming up"
(it does defy explanation, doesn't it?)

Leanne consoles Steff:
"You know when I was an escort... "
(go on...)


That's it for the week. I'm glad Jamie got his come uppance and now Luke can stop racing cars. Meanwhile it looks like Mary is dating a UFO expert who is married. I think some further 'probing' is required... Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by. Cheers!


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