Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Coronation Street meets Grand Designs - part two

Now we return to Grand Designs meets Coronation Street and what would happen if one of Kevin McCloud's future episodes were to involve Gail Platt's underfloor heating project. If you missed part one, you may want to check it out first. Here's part two:

Kevin McCloud: Well, we're into just the third day of Gail Platt's underfloor heating project and much has happened. First, Jason and Gail removed all the cheap tat from the granny flat.

Gail Platt: I prefer to think of it as transporting tasteful home furnishings from my annex.

Kevin McCloud: Now it's a question of digging up the floor with a jackhammer and that delicate job falls to Jason the Builder who is a a former Mr. Gay Weatherfield, which, if you think about it, adds a certain delicious irony to this, well, rather dull project. But, just as things seems to be moving along smoothly, Gail's psycho son appears and he's not very happy.

David: Look, 'Kevin', I've already said that we're not doing underfloor heating, yeah?. If Gail is cold, she can stick her feet into a couple of hotpots. End of. So why don't you take your poncy accent and do one, yeah?

Kevin McCloud: Quite a conundrum indeed. But after a few arguments and a few drinks at the Rovers, the project resumes and Jason has managed to dig up the concrete floor only to discover another problem. This one is serious and could put Gail's entire underfloor heating project in serious, well, jeopardy.

(catch part three of Coronation Street meets Grand Designs right here tomorrow)

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