Thursday, February 11, 2016

Coronation Street meets Grand Designs - part three

Once more, we return to Grand Designs meets Coronation Street and what would happen if one of Kevin McCloud's future episodes were to involve Gail Platt's underfloor heating project.

If you missed part one and part two, you may want to check them out first. Here's the third and final installment:

Kevin McCloud: Well, it's now been four days since Gail Platt decided to dig up her heritage concrete garage floor to install underfloor heating in her granny flat. But now, Jason the Builder has unearthed a fairly, well, unusual problem.

Jason the Builder: There's a bloke buried down here.

Kevin McCloud: Well, obviously, that's going to cause quite a delay as the contractor tries to work out a solution within the confines of Gail's budget.  The question is: what to do about this curious corpse now immortalized in concrete in this vintage conversion like a veritable underworld - and underground - King Tut. And, more to the point, how does Gail feel about her compromised manhole.

Gail: Having a body cemented in my manhole is the last thing I would have expected.

Kevin McCloud: Quite. And, I suppose the question ultimately is: how do we reconcile the need for modern conveniences - like underfloor heating - with historic traditions like this magnificent and storied legacy of a deceased drug dealer.

That's something which Gail will have to grapple with in this project - and all of us will have to think about - as we seek to balance our architectural aspirations with, well, police investigations.

Join us next time as Grand Designs visits pugilistic passions at Kev's garage.

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