Monday, May 23, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the beef cappuccino edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

The big news? There's an espresso (or expresso as the locals say) machine in Roy's cafe. What's next? Croque Monsieur? Slice de custarde? Barm de bacon? (get on with it - ed).

Okay, well there's more news I suppose. Jason is grieving over his father's death and lashing out at Eileen, banning her (but not Phelan, go figure?) from the funeral. Chesney is still in Portugal and it seems that he and Sinead may be drifting apart.

Alex is living the good life and invites his pals over to party at Roy's place just as Roy returns home. Craig and Caitlin are still together but something's up. Sarah is getting increasingly agitated living at Chez Platt because of the body in Gail's manhole.

Reverend Billy keeps getting visits from that lad wanting money. Jason has a one-night stand with Gemma. That's right, Gemma.  Yasmeen has grand plans for an Orangerie (who is she, anyway? Henry VIII?) designed to annoy Sally. That should work. Michelle is racked with guilt from her close encounter with Will but seems to be reconciling with Steve - with the timely help of Amy.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tim to Sally:
"Shouldn't you be annoying the neighbours?"
(already done)

Tim's advice to Steve re: women
"embrace the primitive"
(also done)

Yasmeen to Sharif re: Sally:
"The hostess with the leastest"
(good one)

Audrey explains her new hair accessory:
"It's a fascinator"

Gemma returns to Jason's house and sees Eileen:
"I left my scrunchie here"
(next time, take your sex toys with you)

Craig tells Caitlin about one of the specials at the Bistro:
"Beef cappuccino"
(it's like beef carpaccio only with more caffeine)

Rev Billy's eulogy about Jason's Dad:
"Tony was a character"
(understatement of the year)

Jason begins his eulogy and then sees his Mom enter the church:
"I never got a chance to say.. get out!"
(sadly, none of us did)

Well, posse of punters, that's it for the week. Sorry about the Victoria-Day related delay. I was skiving and thriving (as usual). Have a great week!

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  1. Did you notice that the word "numpty" was used THREE TIMES lately, by Eileen to describe Steve, by Michelle to describe Tim, and by Steve to describe Lloyd. While all 3 men fit the description, it shows laziness on the part of the writers. They could have used so many other choice words. e.g. fool, lummox, "eejit", or (my personal favourite) sumph. Since there are so many feckless men on that street, it would seem prudent to keep a supply of apt descriptors at the ready.