Saturday, May 14, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the tower of used tea bags edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

RIP Tony Stewart. The lovable lug has passed away. He will be fondly remembered for his visionary construction projects (a tower of used teabags in the sink), his gourmet tastes (he loved his brown sauce) and his multiple legovers with Tracy, while in a relationship with Liz. He will be missed.

Jason is the one who is most upset and lashing out at Liz for driving Tony away. Phelan is pretending to be the comforting pseudo-dad while Todd is trying to insert himself between Jason and Phelan. To no avail. Jason doesn't get it and Eileen adores the brazen baldy. Johnny and Phelan get into a bit of argy bargy and it falls to Rev Billy to intervene - although he's clearly a troubled vicar.

Over at the cafe, Alex doesn't want to go to Scotland with his Mum and her fancy man so Cathy invites him to stay with her and Roy. Sophie is shunned by Kate as Caz schemes to maintain her relationship with Kate.

Nick is having symptoms which are possibly linked to his brain injury. He sees a consultant but doesn't want to tell Carla. With their marriage on the horizon, this could be a bit of a problem.

The Nazirs and the Metcalfes continue their feud over backyard property. Although Steve is back, it's clear that Michelle is racked with guilt after her close escape from a legover with Will. Liz wants to know what's going on and Steve is taking out his frustration by apparently tearing up beer coasters.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Todd convinces Eileen to let him move back in and squeeze Pat out:
"I think family trumps fancy man"
(depends on the fancy man)

Liz to Eileen re: Tony:
"I've cried a canal of tears over that man"
(but that's water under the bridge now)

Jason mourns Tony's death:
"He loved his brown sauce"
(that's what they put on his grave stone)

Alex tells Cathy he doesn't want to move:
"I don't want to go to Scotland"
(be brave)

Carla to Nick
"Nothing is going to stop me from becoming Mrs. Tilsey"
(not even Gail?)

Sally assures Yasmeen that her garden maintenance is in hand:
"Tim is going to be attending to my shrubbery later"
(not in public view, surely?)

Carla tells Gail she's welcome to visit in Devon
"You've got your own special room"
(lined with rubber, I presume)

Nick asks the doctor about his symptoms:
"Is there a danger I might lash out again?"
(only at David)

Carla wonders if she has a soft side:
"Maybe I'm not such a hard-faced cow after all?"
(I think the jury's still out)


Well, Co-Corriephiles, so ends another week. There's a lot of tension building what with Carla and Nick's wedding, felonious Phelan, troubled Billy and other percolating plots. I'm looking forward to next week. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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