Sunday, June 5, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the 'From Zero to Hero' edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Sally stands by her man in Blackpool, chasing Tim to the Jewel of the Northwest to save her marriage after initially rebuffing Tim's surprise vacation offer.

Speaking of Blackpool, guess who's visiting at the same time? Johnny and Jenny Bradley. Johnny seems to have taken a shine to Jenn and escorts her to Blackpool to pay tribute to the place where her father got killed by a tram while trying to kill Rita.

And, then, mirabile dictu, Jenny just happens to save Baby Jack (who's accompanying Kev who's Tim's guest in Blackpool) from an oncoming tram and is suddenly a local hero... or heroine. Jenny, being Jenny, is now manipulating Johnny and getting a job as a machinist at Underworld (From Cleaner to Keener).

Billy's secret drug addict brother is revealed to a sympathetic Todd. The anniversary of Kal's death is approaching and Yasmeen is grieving.

Kevin hosts a chili dinner to reconcile Anna with Izzy but when Anna learns that Izzy got arrested (for drug possession and assaulting a police officer), it all kicks off.

Nick and Carla's wedding is on a rocky schedule as Nick's brain trauma keeps acting up (tip: don't whistle when he's around). Now ol' Nicky says he doesn't want to leave Weatherfield (Devon's loss).

Meanwhile Johnny gets wind of Tracy's evilness and warns her not to cause trouble at the wedding.

And now a few quotes from last week:

Sally tells Beth and Sean that she's going to Blackpool:
"I'm going to get my man"
(which one?)

Carla to Johnny re: his growing affection for Jenny:
"Someone put the snap back in your celery"
(the guy at the produce counter perhaps?)

Johnny to Sally:
"You've got a right ugly tongue in that mouth"
(it's the only one she's got)

Tim to Gary regarding his lofty role at Streetcars:
"I'm like the cab master"
(It's like the beastmaster only with cars)

Jenny disputes Sally's claim that the Gazette headline should say 'Zero to Heroine':
"Heroine doesn't rhyme with zero"
('weirdo' kinda does)

Nick tells Carla why the flat didn't get surveyed:
"I just kicked a surveyor out of the flat for whistling"
(Hey, it's just like Britain's Got Talent with one judge)

Tracy asks Carla about Nick:
"How's Mad Max this evening?"
(depends on how much whistling is going on)

Johnny to Carla re: Tracy's desire to create chaos:
"She's like a flaming kamikaze pilot"
(and she's headed straight for Carla's wedding)

Well Fellow Corrinthians, so ends another week and we are that much closer to the Nick and Carla wedding. Should be a wild and crazy ceremony with more skeletons in the closet than an M Night Shyamalan movie. Thanks for stopping by and take note that I will be on an official skiving mission and thus unable to report back to you next weekend. 

Hopefully my wax recording device will faithfully record and store the episodes so I can catch up when I return. Until then, have a great two weeks and keep watching. Cheers!

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