Sunday, July 10, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the daft as a brush edition

a look at at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

The investigation into Callum Logan's murder continues as the detectives interrogate David Platt over a nice cuppa tea (but no bickies)... the heartless monsters.

Meanwhile Jason retrieves Tony's tools from Phelan's secret hiding place (Voldemort's safety deposit box?) so Jason can give them to the police as a means of clearing - or confirming - Tony as Callum's killer.

Platt troubles abound as Sarah is taken to hospital suffering from a severe case of Gailitis psychosis and stress as she believes Callum is still alive. And Bethany has failed her GCSEs (for once I'd like to see one young person on Corrie do really well in school and go on to uni - besides Ken).

Helpful Tim signs Steve up on some dating websites which Michelle discovers and subsequently decides that their relationship is over. She decides to take a job on a cruise ship. 

Kirk has a fight with Beth and winds up staying with Norris, playing draughts and Boggle, and eating boiled eggs. Before you can say 'triacetate', they're having a grand time.

And now for a few lines from last week:

Beth to her high school nemesis regarding Kirk:
"He might seem as daft as a brush"
(uh, Kirk is standing right there, you know)

Beth again describing Kirkie to her nemesis:
"He's dead spiritual"
(well? which is it?) 

Gemma's touching thoughts to Callum while standing at his grave:
"I hope you're robbing cars up in heaven"
(I'm sure God's BMW has already been hot wired)

Rev Billy objects' to Norris' comments about Sarah:
"the uninformed judgments of small minded people"
(but that's Norris' best thing}

Rita to Norris after he winds up taking in Kirk:
"If you can't stand the heat, don't light the gas ring"
(maybe Beth's brush analogy would be more appropriate?)

Police detective interrogating David Platt:
"Can you tell me what you were doing at the Dog and Gun on the night Callum Logan was killed?"
(buying drugs like everyone else)

Michelle tells Maria she's giving up on Steve:
"I've accepted the job on the cruise"
(One might say a 'bon voyage singing Bon Jovi')


Well, cobblesque compatriots, so ends another week. One wonders if the police will finally get their man (or woman) in the curious case of Callum. Meanwhile, can it really be farewell to Michelle? Say isn't so. Cheers and thanks for stopping by. Have great week!

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