Saturday, October 8, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the disgusting little secret edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Which disgusting little secret? you ask. Well that would be Sharif's longtime legover with houseguest/friend/bit-on-the-side, Sonia. The deal is Alya won't tell Yasmeen if Sharif coughs up 14,000 pounds for Alya to go into partnership with Aidan.

Meanwhile, Sharif has also signed up for a new flat to house his horizontal houseguest. Another sale for Todd and his friends at FlatScam Inc.

Over at Roy's Rolls, things are in turmoil as Cathy finds out that her late husband is Alex's father. Turns out that Alex already knows so it's only Cathy who's in the dark and upset. Alex decides to go to Inverness to live with his Mom but fate intervenes when Roy's car breaks down and they return. Thank goodness for Woodies

Beth is found guilty of bigamy and tries to convince Kirk to forgive her but Kirk's staying put with Maria and discovers that Ozzy the dog is very ill. Mary is working at Tracy's flower shop but Dev's kids want her back as their nanny full time much to the chagrin of Erica and her tough love parenting style.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Alya to Sonia:
"I know your disgusting little secret"
(leaving the toilet seat up?)

Audrey to Maria re: a demanding customer:
"I'm a hairdresser not a plastic surgeon"
(Glad you cleared that up)

Johnny to Aidan re: Alya's clothing designs:
"Who wants to look like a Dickensian prostitute?"

Roy to Alex:
"Elton John is not in the Beatles"
(Apparently he didn't get along with Yoko)

Well, fellow Weatherfield Wanderers, so ends another week on the Street. Poor Yasmeen. Poor Cathy. Poor Ozzy. Let's hope for better news next week. All the best and thanks for stopping by. 

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