Sunday, October 16, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the vile tiles edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Corornation Street.

I hate to agree with Vinnie but 30,000 pounds is a lot to spend on tiles before the first fake brick has been laid on the fake building site of the fake flats.

Yes, it seems that Eileen is taking her trumped up job title rather seriously. She quit her job at Streetcars and now she's buying supplies for the interiors of the flats. That puts her in direct conflict with Vinnie and it's left to Phelan and Todd to smooth things over while they continue to fleece the naive natives - like Sarah.

Meanwhile David continues his kamikaze revenge mission against Kylie's killer, getting sidetracked by the psycho Dad of Lauren (aka Bethany's bully) who gives Dave a thumping in return for David's avant garde hairstyling work on Lauren's hair. (If every dissatisfied customer beat up David, he'd spend most of his time in A&E).

Freddie takes Rita (wearing her galactic council outfit) to the closing of the beloved Zambezi Club where famous cover bands like Herman's Hermit Crabs and Manfred Woman are playing.

Over at the Rovers, the lads are mesmerized by the appearance of Tommy Orpington, local football legend. Steff is not being supportive of Andy's vampire-inspired creative writing and is uninterested in the undead.  

Kirk (the smart one) tells Maria (the other one) that Caz is in love with her. Maria sets her straight (so to speak) and now Caz is cooking up some kind of nutbar revenge.

Oh, and Leanne and Nick are back from their vacation. 

Now for some lines from the week that was:

Sarah to David after he returns from his ill-fated Dog and Gun mission:
"They say that I'm supposed to be the insane one"
(let's not quibble: you're both a little nutty)

Sarah reports on her horrible experience:
"I've just seen Michael in the nude"
(and you thought the whole Callum thing was bad)

Phelan tells Todd that their business partner is dangerous:
"Vinnie operates a scorched earth policy"
(and guess what, he's selling that earth for £15,000)

Maria to Caz:
"I'm straight, 100%"
(So is Kirk, in case you're wondering)

Gail to David re: Max's homework
"I've always liked fractions"
(that would explain why your ex-husbands were half baked)


Well, Weatherfield wanderers, so ends another week on the Street. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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