Thursday, October 27, 2016

Top Ten passwords that David Platt didn't use for his computer

a look at what's happening on Canada's Coronation Street.

Good work, Gail! It didn't take her long to guess David's password and view his gallery of farewell videos. In fact, it only took a couple of guesses before she tried  'Barney' and she was in.

I'm surprised it was so easy - especially when you consider all the possibilities and David's top ten favourite passwords:

1.   IpushedGaildownthestairs42
2.   blowdryguy
3.   RichardHillmanismydad
4.   mitheringmother79
5.   NicksBistrosucks
6.   gailsmanhole91
7.   12345killMacca
8.   bodyinmanhole
9.   12345killClayton
10. password

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