Saturday, October 29, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the intervention detention edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Peter Barlow is back, David Platt is locked in the cellar of Nick's Bistro and Steve took the test for that rare genetic disorder.

Yes, it's all kicking off as Gail discovers David's mad plan for revenge by crashing a used car into the police van taking Clayton to court. Last time David did something this crazy he was crashing a used car into the canal to disrupt Sarah's wedding. Guess he likes cars - and being a headcase.

But wait! Gail discovers David's farewell video (no doubt, among the many MP4s of adorable cats) on Davey's computer. She has a plan. It's kind of like an intervention combined with detention: lock David in the cellar of Nick's Bistro until the trial is over. How's that working? Well, let's say the jury's still out.

Meanwhile, Leanne tells Tracy about Steve's genetic condition in order to put pressure on el Steve-o to take that damn test. He does. Now everyone is on tenterhooks waiting for the results.

Peter Barlow makes his dramatic return with a mashed up face, no money and some kind of shady secret. So, no change there. Ken has plans to finally do that grand tour of Italy and a cruise but keels over while arguing with Peter, suffering from what appears to be a stroke. Oh dear.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tracy's review of the movie, 'Titanic':
"I was the only person in the cinema cheering for the iceberg"
(spoiler alert: the iceberg won)

Tracy is not happy about Ken's plans for a cruise:
"You're swanning off like some geriatric Jack Sparrow"
(Shiver me timbers)

Gail gives the signal to lock David in the Bistro cellar:
"Do it!"
(Nike's new slogan)

Ken to Leanne re: Peter's failure to show up when he promised:
"When it comes to letting you down, he never lets you down"
(that's a bit of a let down)

Excerpt from David's farewell video:
"If you're watching this, then you'll know what happened"
(you bought a crappy car and got locked in Nick's cellar?)

Ken dissuades a potential customer of Tracy's from ordering corsages for a prom:
"a classic example of American cultural imperialism"
(how about a nice English rose?)


Well, Corrie Co-Conspirators, so ends another week and frankly I'm alarmed by Ken's apparent stroke. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. As for David, well I'm sure he'll be just fine in the cellar of Nick's. He's got a nice sleeping bag, some gourmet dinners and a few cases of wine. What could go wrong?

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