Sunday, January 22, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Battle of the Baby Showers edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Well, it looks like Jude has returned to South Africa without Mary. Although she was delighted to be reunited with her long lost son, she chose Norris over Africa. Yes, you read that right.

I must say that this all happened very fast and Jude seemed to appear magically and without even being asked for his long form birth certificate as proof that he was in fact Mary's bona fide son.

Elsewhere, Adam claims his quasi-legal right to a share of Underworld (after all he did help build it into a successful enterprise - by staying well away). The matter is adjudicated in Corrie style - with fist fight between Aidan and Adam. Thankfully no garden gnomes were involved in this fracas. The case continues...

Aidan makes a non-conjugal visit to the jail to see Maria who's not impressed. Johnny decides to retire and leave Aidan to steer the Empire of Unmentionables but changes his mind.

Jenny has a falling out with Connor senior (citizen) when she tells Eva that Aidan is having an affair (correct) with Alya (wrong). Johnny bins Jenny for interfering but then gets a sudden arthritic knee cramp and, while he's bent down on his bad knee, makes the most of things by proposing to Jenny (whom he's just fired).

Toyah and Eva are not getting along and it looks like a battle of baby showers is going to take place (how will Steve decide which one to attend?). However Michelle extends an olive branch to Leanne and they decide to combine the fetal festivities.

Rana is being pressurized to have a baby and she's not pleased about it. Billy is trying to help Shona the thief and Todd's not pleased about it. Roy decides not to sell up and move away and Brian's pleased about it.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Michelle finds Robert's organ donor card and returns it to him:
"What organ were you thinking of donating?"
(what did you have in mind?)

Rana to Yasmeen who gives her a present:
"Ovulation kit?"
(you shouldn't have)

Gemma pleads Jenny's case to Johnny:
"I know she's a headcase but she really loves you"
(you make a strong (head) case)

Johnny has a change of heart and pops the question:
"Jenny Bradley will you marry me?"
(till wealth do us part)

Peter to Adam after hearing his claim to Underworld:
"You've got more front than Blackpool"
(it certainly ap-piers so)

Eva to Toyah
"Have you always been a bitch?"
(I gave it up for a while but it didn't take)

Phelan with Andy, proposing a toast:
"To attempted murder!"
(hmm, ever heard of 'cheers' or 'bottom's up'?)

Rita to Johnny re: his future with Jenny:
"Happiness can be a very slippery fish"
(Oh My Cod, you're right)

Brian to Roy:
"When your bored of Weatherfield you're bored of life"
(spoken by someone who knows a thing or two about boring people)

Aidan Connor to Maria during his prison visit:
"I'm in love with two women"
(that's funny, so are most of the inmates)

Sally to Roy:
"I'm a big cheese on the council"
(Gouda for you)

Johnny to Jenny;
"You're beautiful, smart, funny - but you're also vicious" 
(well, three out of four isn't bad...)

Well, Corrie colleagues, so ends another week. The impending mega-baby shower should be interesting - especially for Steve who's implicated in both. How long can Phelan continue his evil deeds with the hapless Andy as his witless accomplice?  Will Jenny and Johnny find true head case happiness? We can only wait and see. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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