Monday, February 27, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: The La La Land (oops, I mean Rosie Returns) edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Poor Chesney. Not only has Sinead betrayed him (by having it off with Daniel the Virgin in the Underworld storeroom) - but he also got a 'Chia Pet' haircut from David of Audrey's.

And, she's back. Rosie the Riveting swans off her flight from the US with a souvenir box of drugs. It's not her fault if her DJ boyfriend 'Antoine' gave her a mystery package of expensive white powder. How was she to know? Anyhoo, Sophie and Rosie decide to hide the nose candy in Tim's allotment. Problem solved, right?

Over at the Barlow's, Ken withdraws his financial offer to Adam after discovering that the clueless wonder cheated on his legal exam. For God's sake, Adam, where do you think you are? Canada? That toad in training, Seb, is being mentored by the mendacious Phelan who is keeping a watchful eye on his thieving protege.

Bethany is making make-up videos under the watchful (and I do mean watchful) eye of that creepy Nathan. Gemma remembers Shona as a regular at the Dog and Gun (slogan: join us for our Sunday brunch and stabbing specials). Nick proposes to Leanne (she accepts). Toyah enlists Peter in her quest for pregnancy (he accepts). 

Kevin is still mired in financial trouble and arguing with Tyrone, and Luke gets trapped under a car.

Now for a few lines from last week:

Johnny doesn't want Kate to quit Underworld:
"We do need a functioning brain in packing"
(you should have thought of that before hiring Kirk)

Rosie presents Tim with a gift from the US:
"I've always wanted a manscaping kit"
(At least Sally will be pleased)

Peter assures Toyah that he's up to the challenge of impregnation
"I've got super sperm"
(you and Steve MacDonald)

Rosie denies taking drugs:
"My body is literally a temple"
(... of doom, I would say)

Daniel to Sinead re:Adam's ability to get at the truth:
"He's like a human lie detector"
(more like a human lie)

Ken to Adam who insists he's a qualified lawyer:
"You're qualified in Canada"
(only in Canada, you say? Pity)


Well, patient punters, my sincere apologies for the delay in posting (I was on a mini break in Laval). It's beautiful this time of year when the construction cones are in bloom. Enjoy the week and all the best!

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