Saturday, February 18, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Fred and Wilma Flintstone edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.     

Looks like Leanne's incisive knowledge of the Flintstones (or, as it was better known in the childhood Battersby home, "a documentary") has led her to discover that "Fred" is really Peter Barlow and "Wilma" is really Toyah.  So, "Dino" is probably Eccles and "Bam Bam" is Simon (that's quite enough -editor). Meanwhile Nick is planning to propose to Leanne.

Looks like Toyah has a strong desire to have a baby. Peter? Not so much. The couple quarrels but gets back together.

Speaking of couples, Sinead and Ches are still on the rocks. Jenny gets a big 'rock' from Johnny but Johnny also wants to give her a big prenup. Jenny's not too pleased and Kate is not too pleased at the prospect of having the Jenster as a step mom. Neither are the factory girls too pleased (especially Alya) about Jenny swanning around like Underworld's Vice President of  Snooty. Jenny's also developing a brand new mastectomy bra... but will it receive Johnny's support?

More bad news for Kevin. the insurance company won't pay for the damage to the garage.  Kevin convinces Anna to sue David Platt (does he have any money or will her damages consist of free bad haircuts for life?)  Kevster also neglects to tell Anna that Sally gave him 7,000 pounds.

Brian has weaseled his way into Roy's apartment (or should that be 'Weasel has brianed his way into Roy's apartment'... either way). Tim thinks Manolo Blahnik used to play for Everton (Leeds, surely?)

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Peter's description of Nick's demeanour:
"A mouth like a cat's backside"
(less furry though)

Jenny to Kate:
"I'm going to be your new stepmom!"
(What's the penalty for stepmatricide?)

Non-qualified lawyers Adam Barlow and Todd Grimshaw join forces as...
"Black Sheep solicitors".
(slogan: "Good quality legal advice for the price of a hotpot" or "Can't beat the odds? Head to Adam and Todd's")

Leanne gives Toyah some relationship advice:
"the last thing you need is a selfish man"
(Good thing she's having it off with Peter Barlow. Oh... wait!)

Jenny to Johnny re: the idea of a prenup:
"Who do you think you are? Kanye West?"
(Johnny's thing is less 'hip hop' and more 'sweat shop' )

Well, denizens of da Rovers, so ends another week and Phelan is still on the loose with no end in sight of his perfidy. Kevin's misfortunes keep going from bad to worse. Is there no end to the number of women attracted to Peter Barlow's tattooed charms?  Apparently not. I guess that's why they call his taxi a 'handsome cab'. Ouch! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! 

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