Saturday, March 25, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the 'sexism this way' edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

The week ends with Ken barbecuing Adam's ill-gotten cash over an open flame. So how long does it take to cook British currency?  About 30 seconds per pound.

But seriously, it's all kicking off in Barlowland. Where to start? Adam sells his brick of cocaine to a shady drug dealer (is there any other kind?) Ken finds out and is so angry that he burns the drug money.

Unfortunately, the drug dealer wants his money back as "compo" for Adam's legover adventure with said drug dealer's girlfriend. This leaves Adam in a jam.

Daniel and Sinead have weighed the pros and cons of having a baby and it looks like they're going ahead. Daniel has got himself a job at the Bistro (what about his Master's degree?)

Meanwhile Peter is moving ahead with IVF with Toyah except that he's also hanging around with taxi enthusiast and flirty tipper, Chloe, who seems to now be interested in buying the Rovers.

Out on the Street, Sally is using a megaphone to draw attention to the sexist behaviour of construction workers. Rita joins the cause by chaining herself to the building site with Brian's bike lock.

Media coverage of the event is disappointing especially after the evil media dupe Rosie using Sex on the Beach (the alcoholic beverage, not the activity) to elicit bogus quotes. Fake news indeed!

Simon is upset that everyone is lying to him, most recently about Leanne's baby. Amy feels that no-one is listening to her. Michelle's grief has turned to anger and she's out for revenge so Leanne better watch her back.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Sally to Rosie:
"the thin edge of the wedgie"
(or the wedge, depending on the circumstances)

Tim's nickname for taxi customer Chloe who showers Peter with money:
"Tippy Longstocking"
(Uber would be cheaper)

Daniel to Sinead:
"I have an essay on Allen Ginsburg to finish"
(Is he the new guy at the kebab shop?)

Sally's protest sign:
"Sexism this way"
(is that a protest or is she providing directions?)

Sally to the construction supervisor::
"We're forming a human barricade"
(so you're going to need some humans?)

Gary to Roy:
"Are you really comparing Sally to Martin Luther King?"
(she doesn't have a dream)

Headline from Weatherfield Gazette online edition:
"Who's shaming who?"
(wasn't that an Aretha Franklin song?)

What not to say to Cathy after a night of drinking:
"Tripe Kebabs"
(let's just say it's a cue to spew)


Well, cobble compadres, so ends another week. I hate to complain but methinks the Corrie writers are going to the 'pregnancy well' for story lines a little too often. There's Leanne, Michelle and now Sinead. It's getting a little old. Who's going to be next: Rita, Mary and Liz? Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  I hope we have a great week of Corrie ahead of us. Cheers! 

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