Saturday, April 1, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the 'Guess who's coming to dinner?' edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Hint: he's 35, creepy and owns a tanning salon which means he can make your skin burn and crawl - at the same time. Yes, it looks like Supreme Slimeball Nathan is having a nice bit of Shepherd's Pie over at Sarah and Gary's place.

It's all very civilized even though Gary makes no secret of wanting to go all Mixed Martial Arts on the over-aged, unctuous, tanning mogul with bad designs on Bethany. Alas, Bethany is love-struck and not only lies for Nathan (providing the police with a false alibi vouching for Nate's whereabouts) but also gets to mingle with Nathan's vampire-ish, degenerate buddies at a men-only party.

Elsewhere, Adam gets badly beaten by a drug dealer and winds up in the Barlow wing of the Weatherfield General. Ken, aka Mr. Compassionate, helpfully provides Adam with a bag of clothes and enough money to buy a one-way ticket back to Canada (oh sure, ship him over here - why can't we have a different Barlow?)

Good news! Maria's out of jail and sporting a fashionable ankle monitor to ensure her curfew. Aidan is worried that Maria will spill the beans about their affair but Maria is so far keeping quiet.

Who's not keeping quiet? Well, that would be Michelle. With access to Steve's email account (yawn), she discovers a nice photo of baby Oliver, Liz and the beaming Dad. She promptly lets Nick know which causes a row between Nick and Leanne because Nick doesn't want Steve to have access to the baby, while Leanne is more flexible.

Then there's Chloe. Nice lady with a bit of a Fatal Attraction thing for Peter (who wouldn't fancy a penniless alcoholic with an impressive tapestry of body tattoos?) Chloe is tracking Peter's whereabouts and playing head games with ol' Petey. Speaking of tattoos, Faye decides to get one with her birthday money mostly due to the bad influence of Seb (aka Phelan Junior).

Oh, and Steve and Toyah want to buy the Rovers... if they can sell Tracy's flower shop. Tracy's not too thrilled about losing her business.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Bethany to Mel while at Nathan's men-only, creep show party:
"I just thought there'd more girls here"  
(Yeah. You might want to get the hell out of there)

Sarah warns Bethany about bad seeds:
"There are people who are devious and horrible"
(and you can find them in tanning salons)

Ken to Adam after his run-in with a drug dealer:
"Addiction has been a great blight on this family"
(that and legovers)

Ken gives Adam some money:
"It's enough for a flight back to Canada"
(let us know when he's getting in and we'll meet him at the airport)

Mary to Tracy"
"Have you always had these murderous urges?"

Ken reacts to Peter's plan to buy the Rovers:
"Owning a pub is madness"
(yes, but as madness goes, it's one of the best kinds)

Sarah to Nathan:
"How old are you exactly?"
(think back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth)

Toyah to Maria:
"Manchester Tart"
(apparently they have some history)

Well, Weatherfield watchers, so ends another week. We're heading towards the hockey playoffs so that could mean a disruption in the Corrie broadcast schedule. In the meantime, enjoy the week ahead and thanks for stopping by and visiting. Cheers!

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