Saturday, May 20, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Peak District edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

What's Amy complaining about?

She's on vacation and enjoying all the comforts of country living in the Peak District: fresh air, beautiful views, a loving Mom with a penchant for criminals, quaint payphones and all the mod cons (well, 'con' in this case). Sounds better than Butlins (from what I recall of my own family hols).

But here's the problem: Rob's escape package vacation is only for one person, one way. His "travel agent" is unable to cater to a party of three. Looks like they'll have to go their separate ways - and fast because the coppers are on their trail.

Elsewhere, Corrie's Scott and Bailey (aka Sophie and Rosie) are trying to get to the bottom of the trolling situation which has traumatized Sally. They try to confront Sally's sister, Gina, but Gina doesn't seem to be aware of what she's doing, or maybe she has issues.

In the 'makes your skin crawl' department, evil Nathan is really doing a nasty psychological number on Bethany, aided and abetted by Mel. This after Nathan sets up Bethany for a 'date' with creepy Neil which leaves Bethany shaken and in tears. Sarah is distraught and helpless, even more so when she finds out that Bethany is engaged to Nathan.

Michelle is moving in with Robert, while Maria is dong her best to get her own back at Aidan by sabotaging a posh client lunch. Eva is meanwhile losing patience with Aidan and his reluctance to get married.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tracy tries to prepare Amy for a reunion with her ex:
"Do you miss Rob?"
(Next question)

Amy to Tracy:
"I preferred Robert or Luke"
(or anyone else...)

Michelle to Robert:
"I love you full stop"
(Who's 'full stop'.I thought she loved Robert)

Steve (on behalf of him and Adam) to the police officer:
"We're not thick you know"
(glad you cleared that up)

Nathan to Bethany:
"Will you marry me?"
(I hope not)

One of Aidan's lunch guests to Maria:
"What is that around your ankle?"
(a gift from Her Majesty's Prison Service)

Well, committed Corriephiles, so ends another week. I hope someone can save Bethany from the clutches of Nathan and I hope Rob finds true happiness in a shipping container or wherever he ends up. Have a great long weekend, thanks for stopping by and all the best!

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