Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: The slipperiest woman in Weatherfield edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

A unbearably sad week in Manchester and the cast and crew of Coronation Street was most certainly shocked and distressed. A tribute will be forthcoming. You can read more here.

On the Street, the dramatic Peak District adventure comes to an end as Tracy takes the rap for Ken's assault while Rob is given the unenviable task of driving Amy back to Weatherfield (not during rush hour traffic, I hope). But don't worry, things work out - sort of.

Tracy winds up in court. Rob discovers that Amy did not push Ken down the stairs (as Tracy believed) and Rob manages to find the courtroom (apparently without any difficulty at all), bursts in and reveals the truth to all and sundry. Tracy walks. Case closed.  Oh no, wait, case still open. We still don't know who pushed Ken. However Tracy and Amy are reconciled.

Sinead is still seething over Ken's interference in her pregnancy (which led to a termination). Daniel proposes that she and him run away to Oxford. She agrees.

Sally discovers her sister Gina living in squalor and insists that she and step-daughter Leah move in with her. Scott & Bailey Jr. (aka Sophie and Rosie) are none too thrilled as they believe Gina is the troll (or gremlin) behind the stalking of Sally.

Good news! Phelan and Eileen are back. Michelle is still fragile which makes her want to get revenge on Steve by stealing the Rover's hot pot recipe for the Bistro menu. Talk about a competitive disadvantage!

In Plattland, David discovers that Clayton is in hospital after an altercation in Cell Block Number 9. Of course, he's delighted while secret Mother-of-Clayton Shona, is distraught.

Mensa candidate Maria decides she's OK being Aidan's bit-on-the-side but needs to make Eva hate her to make it all work. Mission accomplished.  Rana buys a vintage food truck (i.e. ramshackle) for Zeedan so he can start his own business called (wait for it) "Speed Dal".

And now for a few lines from the week:

Yasmeen is disappointed at the outcome of Tracy's court hearing:
"The slipperiest woman in Weatherfield lives to fight another day"
(The luck of the Barlows)

Mary complains to Norris about Sean's cheating on a radio contest:
"That low-down, knicker-stitching cheat"
(that's no way to talk about a lodger)

Amy to Tracy upon seeing Rob who was hiding upstairs:
"I thought it was a squirrel"
(from the same rodent family... but not as smart)

Audrey to Luke re: Tracy:
"We all know what a manipulative madam she is"
(she certainly "manipulated" Luke, many times)

Maria to David after an altercation with Aidan's girlfriend:.
"Eva shoved a cream horn in my face"
(I assume that's not a metaphor) 


Well, Corrie Companions, so ends the week. Thanks for stopping by and all the best.

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