Saturday, July 8, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Feeders and Farmers edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Geez. You leave town for a few weeks and all hell breaks loose on Coronation Street.

Nick's up to his neck in quicksand. Aidan's up to his neck in two-timing. Dev wins a Feeders and Farmers golf tournament. Bethany escapes from Nathan. Daniel's a stair-pusher and a drug user. Roy's gone bat spotting. Norris is acting nice.

Whew! Well, I guess the good news is that Bethany made a last minute escape from Nathan. The bad news is that Sergeant Slimeball (Neil) is at the police station ready to intimidate Bethany into staying quiet.

Elsewhere Dev forgets Erica's birthday in favour of some hi-jinks on the links in Scotland. That leaves Kevin to keep her company and indulge in Dev's pricey vino. Kev is suffering from Anna's anger at the fact that Faye has been consorting with Phelan and the newly-released Seb. Tim goes after Seb when he learns that Faye and Seb have had it off.

Aidan is being harassed by someone who has photos of him and Maria snogging in the ginnel. Brian and Cathy continue to keep Roy in the dark about their burgeoning and nauseating romance. Zeedan is not amused.

Just as Billy and Todd are getting to know Summer, Grandma Cruella deville swoops in and takes her grandchild away. And, speaking of the gay community, it seems that Fiz's old friend (Kim) is not interested in Fiz.

A few lines from the week that was:

Faye to Seb before they do the deed:
"I don't want to get pregnant again"
(yeah, we've already seen that story line)

Kev to Erica re: Dev's expensive tastes:
"70 quid for a bottle of wine!"
(and it doesn't even come in a box)

Yasmeen to Zeedan who finds one of Brian's socks in the house
"Perhaps Cathy was giving him a foot massage"
(now there's an unpleasant image)

Slimeball Sergeant Neil to Bethany:
"You're in a police station and you're not even safe"
(sad but true)

Summer to Billy re:Todd:
"Is he always this annoying?"

Well faithful followers, it's good to be back. I spent a fair bit of time catching up on old episodes but I'm guessing that there's more action to come next week as events continue to unfold. Thanks for sticking around and thanks, as always, for stopping by and spending some time here at the Hip. Cheers!

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