Sunday, July 16, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the cheating rat edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street -

Wait, there's a Phelan Junior? Say it ain't so. That's worse than a Rocky sequel.

Yes, it seems that the Phelonius Phelan may have a sprog. According to the Satanic Slaphead, Seb's caseworker (Nicola) is likely Pat's daughter. Nicola is not amused. Eileen is sympathetic. 

Robert's in a spot of bother as his shady past (aka Rich the drug dealer) returns to haunt him and wants the bistro to be a money-laundering joint. 

Elsewhere, Eva has discovered Aidan's affair with Maria but opts to make Aidan pay rather than confront him. The plan is off to a good start as she tells the two-timer that she's pregnant and wants a very expensive engagement ring.

Tim is getting tried of having Gina in the house and she seems to take liberties with bacon, his tablet and online shopping. Chesney sees a window of opportunity with Sinead (now that she's broken up with Daniel) and takes her to a foreign movie.

Brian and Cathy try to hide their blossoming romance but are found out by Roy. It seems that Mary's son is not coming back to the U.K. after all much to Mary's disappointment.

Now for a few lines from last week:

Craig declines Bethany's offer of sex:
"I'll do anything you want but I won't do that"
(Good ol' Craigey)

Roy to Brian:
"You're a totally self absorbed person"
(and that's his best quality) 

Dating coach Gemma motivates Chesney:
"My name's Chesney and I'm a tiger"
(well, you're half right)

Leanne to Eva re: Aidan:
"Can you imagine having a kid with that cheating rat?"
(are we talking about Steve or Aidan?)

Phelan to Nicola:
"I think you're my daughter"
(Ouch! Talk about a Darth Vader moment)

Rich to Robert re: his murky history of drugs:
"Does she know about your shady past?"
(only the Tracy marriage bit)

Aidan to Eva:
"I want you to have whatever you want"

Well, Corrie cohorts, that's it for the week. Next week promises more intriguing developments as Eva's revenge plan unfolds. Enjoy the week and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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