Thursday, August 24, 2017

Steve McDonald vs.Gail Platt: the last marriage standing

...So, Gail walks into the Rovers just as Steve and his blended faux family are celebrating his impending marriage to the lovely Leanne.

Gail is royally cheesed off because her darling Nicky hasn't been gone for five minutes and Leanne's already playing happy families with Steve McDonald. Or, to paraphrase Herman's Hermits, she's getting married to the fella next door and he's been married several times before.

Then someone points out that Gail has been married several times too. Good point, but who's been married more times? Who's made the most return trips to the altar?

Let's see.

Gail's marriage lineage is Gail Tilsley, Platt, Hillman, McIntyre, Rodwell.

Steve's marriage lineage is Steve Arden, Phillips, Granger, Barlow, Connor.

So, that's five apiece. But wait, Steve married Karen Philips twice so that's 6-5 for Steve. Steve wins. Right?

But wait, hold on.

Gail married Brian Tilsley twice. So that's 6-6. So they're all tied up, but if Steve does marry again, Leanne will become the "tiebreaker" and he'll win. At least, by my calculations.

By the power invested in me by Blogger, I now declare them husband and wife.

Sorry, Gail.

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