Monday, August 21, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the sleep deprivation edition

a look back at last week on Coronation Street...

Another Steve McDonald marriage proposal?

That guy has been down on one patella so often, I'm surprised he hasn't had knee replacement surgery. What is it? Five or six marriages and counting?

Yes, it looks like the hopeless - and gormless - romantic wants Leanne to marry him. Sleep deprivation has brought them together and let's hope common sense deprivation doesn't lead them to the altar.

Elsewhere, looks like Phelan is a Dad. Congratulations, Pat, it's a woman and she's not that keen on you either. Yes, Nicola has the results of her DNA test and it looks like she's 44% Viking, 20% per cent Nordic and 36% slaphead builder. Great news if she ever needs a fake flat.

Toyah is warming to the idea of surrogacy. Michelle is angry with Robert for once again not telling her the truth (about her vandalized car). Liz is still having problems at work with Moira. Maria is dating Will.

Dev learns about Erica's little flirty fling with Kev and tells her to sling her hook. Norris and Mary plan their wedding.

And now a few lines from last week:

Moira justifies her insults about Liz:
"You've got rhino skin"
(No she doesn't... although she may occasionally wear Rhino skin)

Eva to Leanne re: Maria
"Manky little tart"
(which is what she also says about Dev's bakery goods)
Eva wants Leanne to move in as an excuse not to be intimate with Aidan:
"It means I don't have to get jiggy with him"
(Too much information)

Tracy to Steve re: Oliver:
"I hope this baby doesn't inherit your brains"
(fingers crossed)

Michelle doesn't like Robert's gambling habit:
"That croupier knew you by name"

Well, Fellow Corrie-ites, so ends another week. Sorry about the delay in posting, I was skiving in countryside with no access to Internet and was unable to post my feverish ramblings until now.
But, I'm back in the saddle and have my TV warmed up and ready to find out if Leanne is ready to become the Catherine Parr of Steve's six wives. Cheers!

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