Saturday, October 14, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the dirty little secret edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Oh boy. Another week, another legover.

This time it's Gary, all freaked out from his time in the Ukraine.  He has a nice chat with Nicola, a drunken snog, a quick one upstairs and then inevitable morning regrets. But Nicola promises not to say anything. After all Gary just bought Sarah a fraternity ring (or was it an eternity ring? one or the other).

On the darker side, Bethany is taken in by Mel's hard luck story and tries to convince her to go to the police. But Mel is still under the spell of evil Nathan and is instructed by his Royal Slimeness to prevent Bethany from testifying in court.

Liz thinks she's got her job back at the Rovers but neither Toyah nor Peter can tell her the truth. Norris continues to make plans to sell the Kabin and Rita is planning a trip to the US with Gemma.

Anna tries to help out Seb at home, dealing with his addict Mom and the abysmal living conditions. Hapless Andy has come up with a plan for his release. I'd explain it but it's kinda boring and anyway Pat's not interested.

The factory girls have no job since the roofless factory is out of commission so they've come up with a crowdfunding idea to start a niche business. Daniel is looking for a good story and hears about Pat's fake flat scam. Hmm. Interesting.

And now a few lines from the week that was:

Kirk quotes from his Twitter account:
"May the force bee with you"
(Buzzer's humour)

Liz to Toyah:
"I've debarred Steve"

Sarah to Gary:
"Were you with someone else last night?"
(yes, but only for a legover)

Nicola to Gary:
"Our dirty little secret will stay just that"
(thanks, you're a pal)

Mel to Bethany:
"Nathan saved me and now I have to save him"
(not a good idea)

Well, Rovers' rovers, so ends another week on the Street with Nathan still working his evil control over Mel and Bethany in danger. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

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