Sunday, January 21, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Luke Britton edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Let's cut to the chase. or, more specifically, the car chase where Luke is pursued by Phelan and run off the road. After that... well, let's just say that Phelan "eliminated" Luke because Luke knew too much about what happened to Andy and had traced Andy's disappearance to Phelan.

Needless to say we are all in shock about Luke's demise. Vinny? (well he was a con artist). Andy? (well, he was a bit of knucklehead). But Luke? Nice guy, fit fella and upright denizen of the Street? Say, it ain't so.

Kev and Tyrone are in shock. The police are on the trail of the two racist knicker buying brothers who are prime suspects because of their previous argy bargy with Luke.

Still, we soldier on with our hankies and G&T at the ready. The fallout after Luke's death is sad and dramatic. Alya is in bits. Yasmeen bravely talks to the media hordes (some actually seem fairly bored). Kate takes off because she can't handle the on-again, off-again secret romance with Rana.

Meanwhile, Ches and Sinead are scheduled to get married but Fiz can't come to the wedding. Gemma's boyfriend continues to be mysterious and there's obviously something we don't know about him. Zee returns to his old job at the Bistro for the umpteenth time - seems that the Speed Dal restaurant didn' pan out.

Then there's Seb. He sees Phelan burning clothes in the yard and does a little snooping. He already knows that Phelan owns a gun. He puts two and two together and figures that Phelan killed Luke. The only problem is that Phelan cleverly got Seb to put his fingerprints all over the murder weapon.

Run, Seb, run.

And now for a few lines from the week that was.

Seb to Phelan:
"Did you have something to do with Luke's murder?"
(do sharks have fins?)

Beth to Sinead and Ches:
"Can't be easy getting wed in the middle of a murder investigation"
(both require witnesses)

Toyah to Eva:
"Is the nail polish vegan friendly?"
(don't know, I've never tasted it)

Yasmeen to media scrum:
"What we want is for people to stand up against hate"
(and Phelan)


Well, Corrie Cohort, that's it for the week. Thanks for visiting. Always a pleasure to have you drop by. Cheers!

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