Saturday, January 27, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Same Day Hangover edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Apparently Bethany has not taken up some quaint Northern Finland folk activity (that would be Lapland dancing), but is rather titillating men with lascivious gyrations (that would be lap dancing).


Anyway, the point is Craig (in his official capacity as a police officer) is called to a disturbance at one of Weatherfield's premier lapdancing establishments only to discover Bethany working there. Will this cause a break up? And what happens if Sarah or Gail or (heaven forbid) Audrey finds out?

Elsewhere, the Phelan saga continues as Seb figures out that Phelonius Skunk killed Luke, and he does a runner so as not to become Pat's next target practice.

Even Eileen has her suspicions and visits Anna in prison twice (one more visit and she gets an HM Corrections loyalty card). But, after a little soul searching, she reaches the conclusion that Pat's okay. Oh, and Todd called. Nothing to worry about, he's just lying low (and I think he's also been booted off the show).

Gary actually manages to find Seb and tries to convince him to share what he knows but Seb is scared so Gary visits the cop shop and points the finger at Phelan in the murder of Luke. The coppers follow up and take Phelan in for questioning.

Eva is pregnant (Dev really should re-stock his supply of pregnancy test kits. They're going like hotcakes) and she thinks the Dad is Aidan (maybe she can reuse the scan she got off the Internet from the last time she was 'pregnant'?)

And, speaking of unhappy couples, Chesney breaks off the wedding with Sinead (at the altar of the register or registry office). Seems Ches doesn't think it will work out, but never mind, he's off on the solo honeymoon trip of a lifetime to see Wales (not Whales) with little Joseph.

And more unhappiness over at the Rovers. Peter and Toyah are at odds over Peter's fishy behaviour. This dates back to when Peter discovered that Billy was partly to blame for Susan's death. Simon seems to be training for delinquency. He got excluded from school for selling vodka to his classmates (I guess that's not allowed. Who knew?)

Speaking of Billy, seems he's up and walking at the hospital. Meanwhile Sean is staying with Ty, Ruby and Hope. It's not going that well so far.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Police to Phelan:
"We want to talk to you about the murder of Luke Britton"
(how much time do you have?)

Jilted and bitter Sinead to Chesney:
"Have a nice life"
(in the kebab shop)

Bethany to Sam re: the mismatched Ches and Sinead:
"He is this pasty redhead and she is this gorgeous blonde"

Kirk to Maria re: Beth who overindulged during Sinead's quasi-wedding:
"She's got a same day hangover"
(doctors recommend same-day paracetamol for that)

Daniel seeks advice from Carla:
"What do women want?"
(Some Chardonnay and a large glass)


Well, fellow Street Spectators, so ends another week. Looks like Phelan will have to do some smooth talking to the police regarding his involvement with Luke's death. Sadly, Phelan is quite an accomplished liar so he's more than up to the challenge. Oh well. Let's see what happen next week. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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