Saturday, January 6, 2018

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the Santa Curse edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Either Santa's voice got really nasal... or Carla's back in town.

Yes, the spirit of Christmas is in full swing on Coronation Street with kidnappings, injuries, break-ins, booze, pills, threats etc. Details, you ask?

Let's see. Billy confesses to Peter that he was in the car that killed Susan. Peter stuffs Rev Billy in the trunk of a Streetcars taxi (meter off), drives to a cliff, switches on the radio (I'm surprised he can get such good reception up there) and threatens to shove him off the cliff. It's just a threat but unfortunately the Reverend falls off the edge and plummets to the ground.

Somehow Billy survives and is airlifted to the hospital. He gets a visit from Ken who wants to protect Peter and tells Billy to say nothing lest Ken tell the cops that Billy left Susan to die in a hit and run.
Adam discovers the truth about Susan (his Mom) and swallows a handful of pills and booze.

Meanwhile Aidan sends out an SOS to Carla to help him buy the factory. Carla appears, as if by magic, and finally agrees to invest in Underworld but all the while she is quaffing non-alcoholic beverages. What gives?

Amy is not keen on Steve and Tracy getting together. Brian's Santa Claus stint is over but Dev is not happy that Santa/Brian placed a Santa curse on one of his kids. To make amends, Brian breaks into Dev's house to place an 'apology present' under the tree and is subsequently arrested.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Amy to Tracy re: her rekindled romance with Steve
"You're like disaster squared"
(and they don't have a common denominator)

Carla to Tracy re: her sudden appearance:
"Think of me as the ghost of Christmas past"
(with nicer clothes)

Rita to the crowd at the Rovers:
"It's been a tough year"
(one might say an annus toughus)

Ken tells Billy to keep quiet:
"I'm calling in the debt" 
(Barlows stick together)

Peter to Rev Billy:
"Why hurt myself when I can hurt you?"
(It's a rhetorical question, by the way)


Well, festive followers, so ends another week and once again we find ourselves back in the Corrie Wing of the Weatherfield General Hospital as Billy is in grave condition (last week it was Eileen, before that it was Jude's baby, etc.)  Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year.

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