Saturday, February 3, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the bimbo and the metaphor edition

Your quick recap of what happened last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

There was a birthday party for Gemma's boyfriend  at the Rovers and everyone dressed up to represent a different Newton and Ridley pub.

I think Gemma was dressed as 'The King's Eyeball'... but I could be wrong.

But that was just a footnote in a dramatic week, especially at the court house where Anna was found guilty of assault and sent down. This despite Seb's testimony which exposed Phelan's lies.

But the problem was that, in order to get Seb to testify, Gary and Tim has to wrestle Seb into a car - all of which was caught on CCTV and which seemed to suggest that Seb was testifying under duress.

Bottom line: Anna's in the slammer for five years and Phelan walks.

Eileen begs Pat's forgiveness. How could she ever have doubted him? Aidan hires Pat to fix the factory roof. It all looks rather grim.

Elsewhere, the Platts have discovered that Bethany is not waiting tables at a trendy Mexican restaurant (Buenos Nachos) but is in fact working as lapdancer. Gary shows up at Tassels (or perhaps it's Tassels PLC) and gets beaten up by two bouncers.

Alya is grieving over the loss of Luke. Billy is staying at Eileen's and getting his painkillers from Adam (yikes). Not sure what Adam's endgame is but probably not good for Billy. To make matters worse, Billy finally finds Summer but Todd has mysteriously disappeared. 

Poor Toyah has lost her chance to be a Mom after her surrogate suffers a miscarriage. Toyah hasn't told Peter. Neither is Eva telling Aidan that she's with child.

Despite Bethany's best efforts, Gary and Sarah are back on snogging terms.

And now for some lines from the week that was:

Sarah to Bethany:
"My daughter, the lapdancer"
(her choice I guess)

Carla to Roy:
"Peter running a pub ? It's like putting a cat in charge of an aquarium"
(But what if the cat is attending Aquarium Anonymous meetings?)

Toyah gets into a fight with Carla:
"the bimbo used a metaphor"
(that's like taking coal to Newcastle) 

Tim to Liz re: his disaster as a lonely goatherd in elementary school production of Sound of Music 
"I never did live down those lederhosen" 
(keep calm and yodel on)

Well, Corrie companions, so ends another week. Watch out for CBC schedule changes during the Winter Olympics. You don't want to miss Phelan's continuing efforts to elude justice. Thanks for stopping by and all the best.

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