Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ethics 101

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 7 episode on CBC

Janice is faced with a thorny moral and ethical dilemma (to skive or not to skive? - ed). She has in her hand a winning lottery ticket and the prize is a cool £25,000. There's only one small problem. The winnings rightly belong to the eight Underworld workers who collectively bought the ticket. The ticket-buying syndicate doesn't know about their good fortune because, so far, Janice hasn't told them. What to do? Should she keep mum and pocket the loot as a down payment on a luxo flat with all the mod cons (chairs, ashtrays, bottles of premium lager)? Or, should she do the right thing and tell her friends and co-workers about the lucky ticket and the share the winnings? (about £3,000 each)

Fortunately, Janice is able to benefit from the ethical and moral expertise of her step-daughter, Leanne Battersby. Leanne's controversial rulings are already well known in such landmark questions such as:
Should I sleep with the father of my fiance ?
Should I blackmail the father of my fiance?
Should I go to Spain?
(No - they speak Spanish there you know)
Should I return to Weatherfield with a new 'job' as an escort?
(Not sure about the Weatherfield part but definitely 'yes' to the escort part because you can makes loads of cash)
and finally,
Should I burn down my restaurant for the insurance money?
(Hmm. this is a tough one but I'm going to have to say 'yes' - but only if you get your lovesick partner to do it and take the blame).

With this kind of 'advice', what can we expect from poor Janice? I may be an old softie I'm guessing that Jan will eventually came clean and share the winnings. She may have a lot of faults but I don't think she'll resort to deceiving her friends and stealing their money. Leanne, on the other hand ....

Shots from the hip: My apologies for some snags regarding the posting (or rather inability) to post comments. I don't know what was wrong (Blanche would simply say I made "a right cock-up of it") but I think it works now. Sorry about that.


  1. just popping over from cbc...great site!

  2. I love your posts. Hilarious!! I checked your profile and thought you would like to know that dear Fred always ordered a scotch and threat, as in a "threat" of water, that is to say straight. I forget where I read this, but since it's Corrie trivia, it stuck. Thanks for the great reads. Mary.