Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not a fine romance

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 8 episode on CBC

"I saw something horrible," says Vernon and never was a truer word spoken. Vernon is sitting in the cafe in a state of shock (tea with five sugars, stat!) talking to Lloyd. He is recounting his reaction after accidentally catching a glimpse of Harry and Liz in.. um.. flagrante delicto (oh the humanity - ed).

There's seems to be no hiding the fact that the Liz/Harry 'relationship' is a bit of a tawdry affair rather than a fine romance. The only surprising element is the fact that almost everyone knows it - and says it.

"The minute my back's turned, he's all over that tart," says Clarissa as she concocts a somewhat predictable scheme for Hopeless Harry. "I'm going to set him up, catch him out and watch him squirm." Sigh. Was there ever any doubt about this game plan? The charade continues in this vein while friends and colleagues freely offer their opinions.

Sean sums it up rather neatly for Liz with two home truths:
1. "Men like that are scum bags"
2. "He's having his cake and eating it too."

Later, Liz weakly refutes Sean's searing analysis.
"He enjoys my company," she says.
"Especially if you're lying down," replies Sean.

Even Deirdre, a loyal Liz friend through thick and thin, is skeptical this time around. Deirdre comes to the Rovers, responding to Liz's emergency call issued because Liz claims she has nothing to wear. (Shouldn't be a problem when dating Harry - ed)

"Be careful," says Deirdre, "Harry is a bit of a user." (And Everest is a bit of a mountain)

Stay tuned to find out what happens next. I'm guessing that more hair-pulling is in store and that Harry is caught, one way or another, with his pants down. So much for romance.


Shots from the hip: Thanks for the comments and the kind words. It's much appreciated. Thanks also for pointing out my mistake regarding Fred's favourite beverage (which I refer to in my profile) and have since corrected. Cheers.

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