Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is Lloyd Ax-worthy?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 6 episode on CBC

Lloyd Mullaney is, and always has been, a bit of a lovable rascal on Coronation Street. He provides an amusing foil to Steve McDonald, co-owns a respectable business on the Street and has a good heart. But lately, old Lloydie has been making some questionable decisions and I'm starting to wonder about him.

First, there was that whole Steve-marriage-proposal-cock-and-bull story which he concocted to placate Michelle while Steverino was hiding in Spain. Admittedly, Lloyd was in a tough position and Steve did indeed leave him in the lurch but he could have come up with something better.

Then there was the Finlay-paternity scam which 'Mother' Teresa Morton invented in order to siphon off guilt money from Lloyd. Teresa managed, with very little difficulty, to convince Lloyd that he was the Dad of Finlay following a one-night stand somewhere, sometime in a galaxy far, far away. Old Lloydie fell for that line, hook, line and sinker and magically starting pulling pound notes out of his pockets like David Blaine on steroids. But, to paraphrase the song 'Billie Jean', the kid was not his son.

More recently, Lloyd decides to hire the creepy John Stapes to be a taxi driver (Friend of Travis Bickle perhaps? - ed). Stape caused a major ruckus on the street, was popped in the kisser by Kev and basically run out of town and school for his conduct. What was Lloyd thinking? What was he thinking once again when he dispatched John-Boy on a late night run to pick up Rosie Webster after a snogfest with her latest beau?

I'm not saying Lloyd should be axed from the show. On the contrary, he has his good points. He did, after all. rescue Becky when Roy's Rolls caught fire (caused black pudding to be blacker than usual - ed). As I say, he has a good heart, I'm just not sure about his brain.

Shots from the Hip: Who should record (Don't fall into) The Mason's Arms? Here's a fake survey of Street denizens:
Darryl: "ELO or PLO - that old, fossil band they're always bangin' on about"
Tina: "The Cortinas, of course"
Vernon: The Rock Rhythm Rascals, if Liz can be our roadie again
Rita: "You can't beat Vera Lynn - but I'll give it a go"
Les Battersby: "The Status Quo, mate"
John Stape: "I'm a bit busy being a psycho right now - but Leonard Cohen's your man"

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