Friday, August 28, 2009

best one-liners

no spoilers were used in the making of this post

Ahoy Corrie nation. It's the proverbial calm after the storm on the street. The wailing, weeping and gnashing of teeth following Liam's death has subsided, Carla is in LA, Tony is acting chummy, Stape has been apprehended and Rosie is back at home. All's quiet on the Northern front -- for now. The most recent episodes have been 'repositioning' episodes (to borrow a term from the cruise industry), setting up future storylines, re-introducing characters (Graham, Simon and maybe Haley in the near future) and tying up loose ends. So, it's probably a good time to present a recap of some of the best one-liners on recent shows. Here's my pick of the week:

"He's about as cut out for fatherhood as I am for rugby league" -- Blanche (about Peter Barlow's parenting prowess)

"The guilt trip express is due to leave in 5...4...3..." -- Peter Barlow (about his dad, Ken)

"The word 'dysfunctional' was created for our family" -- Peter (about the Barlow clan).

"I've seen the way they look at you, those young girls" -- Julie (about her Kirk).

"It's at times like this, I wish I'd got me fondue set" -- Julie (trying to comfort a distraught Fiz)

"I didn't see that" -- Giles, Tony's accountant, (upon receiving a cheque with Carla's forged signature from Tony)

"I always knew there was something weird about John Stape. Eyes like a dead fish." -- Vickie (describing Fiz's ex)

"Nice to know he can be a decent human being when he wants to be" - Sally (about Tony Gordon after the Tonemeister shows up to 'check up on Rosie' with flowers and a soothing brogue)

"It's not easy when you've got someone locked in your Gran's attic" -- John Stape explaining the hardships associated with being a kidnapper)

Shots from the hip... that's it for the week. Enjoy the Sunday omnibus edition and thanks for stopping by. One last public service announcement: As of Monday, August 31, Corrie moves to 6.30pm on weekdays. Please check your local listings for the correct broadcast time in your region.

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