Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SHS averted?

no spoilers were used in the making of this post

It wasn't long ago that Blanche's Polish Hip (BPH) issued a Serious Hunk Shortage (SHS) memo to Coronation Street Supremos. We didn't take this step lightly. On the contrary, BPH rarely issues such edicts and considers it a last resort (last time was after Len Fairclough left - ed).

While response to our plea for a replacement hunk was slow, we remained cautiously optimistic. But then, as we pondered who could possibly fill Liam's shoes (not to mention his jeans- ed), there appeared a vision of manhood not often seen on this planet, conjured it seems from some unfortunate, magical male DNA. I'm talking about Ed Windass, of course.

I guess you could say that's one small step for man... (all his steps are small due to his fake leg injury - ed). Now, some may argue that old Ed is one of those proverbial buried treasures (certainly covered with dirt - ed) or maybe even what some women would call a 'fixer upper' (or a 'tearer-downer' - ed). Some may even point to his assets: his lustrous Braveheart-style mane of hair, his entrepreneurial creativity (compo scam), his international savoir-faire (Spanish pubs), his penchant for fine cigars (if he could afford them). Some Windass groupies may even point out that Ed now has a job as a taxi driver.

This may be true. I'm sure Ed has his good points (actually lost them for speeding - ed). But I'm not sure that he's the answer to the dreams of all those who are pining for Liam. In other words, there's still an SHS on the Street. I guess I'd better send another memo.

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