Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 troubling thoughts

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 30 episode on CBC

Three troubling thoughts crossed my mind while watching last night's episode (Ma, Pa & Jr. Windass? - ed).

1. The conflict between Maria and Tony is becoming eerily reminiscent of the Richard Hillman saga. I remember at one point saying that the big difference between Richard Hillman and Tony Gordon was that Richard Hillman was a kind of 'do it yourself' psychopath while Tone was more of a 'contract-it-out' kind of guy, who didn't like getting his hands dirty. But that could be changing and that would mark a new phase in his criminal activity, similar to Dickie Hillman's MO. And there are more echoes of Hillman which make my skin crawl. Richard Hillman terrorized a young woman (Maxine Peacock) in a house on C Street. Richard also tried to convince people that Audrey (who was acting a lot like Maria at the time) was going round the bend - as part of a plan to solve his financial woes.

2. At first, I thought that Steve Mcdonald's 'Operation Bad Boyfriend' was just a half-baked scheme with a low chance for success (That's our Steve - ed). But now we realize that any breakup, no matter how it happens, has consequences -- particularly when kids are involved. We weren't really exposed to that side of things until we saw the preparations (or lack thereof) for Amy's birthday party. Becky too is getting a new perspective of her fairytale legover with Steve - and it's not particularly pretty.

3. Last, and definitely least, I'm getting the distinct impression that Sally Webster would have it off with Tony Gordon in a highland heartbeat, if he gave the slightest hint of interest. She was in his office kissing up big time after Tone found out that Maria had been shown the tongue-2-tongue video. Then ol' Sal comes back into the office to give TG even more info on the fact that Maria is... how you say... one veg short of a hotpot. Then she tell the girls at Underworld that he's really a nice guy. Please tell me I'm wrong...

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