Tuesday, September 29, 2009

wham, bam, thank you Pam

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 28 episode on CBC

Well thanks a lot Auntie Pam. Molly and Tyrone are (were) a lovely couple, one of those rare twosomes on Coronation Street who had a real shot at a longterm relationship, growing old together in the 'Old Rectory' (former home of Jack & Vera and bickering capital of the free world - ed). Now, thanks to the unauthorized sale of watches, t-shirts, perfume and other dubious items, Tyrone is screwing things up and Pam certainly isn't helping.

This is too bad because, when it comes to happy marrieds on the Street, we have slim pickings.

There's Kev and Sally who are more like the remaining contestants on a reality TV show than a married couple ('So you think you can drink?' or 'Survivor Weatherfield' - ed). Then there's Ken and Deirdre, but with the constant presence of Blanche, it's not so much a couple as a domestic, drab menage a trois (menagerie a trois, surely - ed). Ashley and Claire? Never the same after Claire's nutbar episode and Ashley's little dalliance with Casey (yes she was a psycho, but as pyschos go, she was quite fetching - ed).

Yes, we have Roy and Hayley but that's about it. Elsewhere, everyone else seems to be indulging their passions or having sordid, short-lived affairs (Norris and Mary should be ashamed of themselves - ed). There seems to be an endless list of sexually charged encounters: Carla and Tony, Carla and Liam. What's next? Carla and Ed Windass (that would be a real spoiler alert, especially for Carla - ed)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an old prude (you most definitely are an old prude, dude - ed). I enjoy the mating antics which go on -- but the Street needs one or two happily married couples, apart from Jack's pigeons and visiting Catholics. Molly and Tyrone have a good shot at it so I think it behooves Tyrone and Pam to get it sorted.

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