Friday, September 25, 2009


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 24 episode on CBC

Well, as they say, TGIF or Tony Gordon, It's Friday. That means it's time for a quick look back at the week's best lines on Coronation Street (along with some editorial comments thrown in for good measure). Let's roll:

Maria talking to Michelle:
"This is Carla we're talking about. Carla whose name he said when he fell off a mountain. Who stood at my wedding with black feathers in her hair like the Addams family pet flaming vulture."
(-- those weren't feathers, they were hair extensions from Audrey's salon)

Liz trying to set up a romantic evening for Steve & Michelle:
"Well, I tell you what? You'll have the upstairs all to yourself tonight, ‘cause I've got me Brazilian Crunch!"
(apparently her new boyfriend is from Sao Paolo...)

Rosie speaking to Maria:
"I don’t know anything."
(geez, that's too darn easy... make up your own joke)

Pat Gordon explaining the ways of Tony to Maria:
"You don't know my brother. If our Tony thought anything was going on between Liam and Carla, he wouldn't have gone up the aisle, unless he killed him first.
(Nice work Pat. Now you've given away the ending)

Teresa to Darryl after the Windasses get into the house:
"You'd have made a good errand boy for Hitler
(only if he wanted a kebab with hot sauce)

Teresa to Gail Platt:
"And if I were you, I'd go for a face, head and body transplant."
(whoa, whoa. Slow down. One thing at a time. First she has to pay for her new kitchen)

Emily to new community service inductee, Janice:
"Sweet charity is a very special place. An oasis of calm away from the misery of illness. For patients and for visitors."
(Yeah, Janice should fit right in)

Anna Windass' treasured nameplate from Spain (briefly) affixed at her new home:
(more like 'Ponderosa' while the Windasses are hanging their hats there)

Anna Windass again fretting over happier times in Spain:
"We should never have come back to England"
(New legislation already enacted by House of Commons. It won't happen again)

Tyrone explaining his workout style to Molly:
"I don't stick to one routine"
(sometimes I go to the Rovers, sometimes the Weatherfield Arms)


Shots from the hip... that's it for the week. Hope you enjoyed visiting and enjoy the weekend omnibus edition... I'll look forward to posting again next week. Cheers.

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