Thursday, September 24, 2009


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 23 episode on CBC

The Windasses have landed. That's one small step for skiver, one giant leap for skivekind. Perhaps it's no great surprise to see Mr, Mrs, Jr. & Uncle Windass (never get tired of saying that name - ed) arriving on the street to take up residence in Jerry's old digs (once Teresa and her oven door charm bracelet were removed - ed). After all, they follow in a grand Coronation Street tradition from Terry Duckworth to the legendary Battersbys. Now it falls to the Windasses to carry the proud mantle of low expectations, compo and work avoidance (A pub usque ad pub -ed).

Certainly they have big shoes to fill. Les & Janice have set the gold standard for skiving and coarse behaviour. While Les has departed for greener pastures (the red rec? - ed) and Toyah has left, Janice remains a force to be reckoned with, currently appearing daily at the hospital cafe. (See what you get with the National Health Service - ed). Leanne too has made her mark on the Street, distinguishing herself in a variety of endeavours: Spanish real estate, gold digging, restaurant management and fire insurance - as well as excelling in escort services.

How will the Windasses top that?

We don't know much about them yet except that they like new kitchens, but don't like to pay for them. Graeme insists that they are "bad bandidoes" but, apart from stealing a stolen car, ripping out Gail's kitchen, stealing Joe's tools and manhanding Teresa (well, one out of four isn't bad -ed), they seem more like the mild bunch than the wild bunch. Still, it's early days yet and much too soon to tell whether the Windasses have world-class, bone-idle, compo-seeking, ale-supping talent. Time will tell.

All I can say for the moment is: Citius, Altius, Skivius.

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  1. Yes indeed, Corrie. Let the games begin!! Mary