Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Tinas

no spoilers were used in the making of this post

When Tina McIntyre first burst onto the scene, she was an aggressive, angry young woman with a whole lot of attitude. Remember her debut? There she was, in all her glory, giving Gail all kinds of lip at the clinic. Then she met up with David Platt (noted local pioneer of aquatic autos - ed). It looked for a while like our Tina was going to be a wild, wayward youth in tune with David's quasi-psycho personality - like a Weatherfield Bonnie and Clyde.

But that hasn't quite happened. In fact, now we seem to have two Tinas. One minute, she's in full mega-rage mode giving customers lip at the Kebab shop or charging over to the Windasses (Check out the new CBC family series: Windasses at my Back - ed) to rip out kitchen fixtures and supervise a bonfire.

The next minute, she's working in the Kabin, quietly sipping tea with Rita and partaking in what surely should be an Olympic Sport: winding up Norris. (I hear the Chinese team is training really hard for 2012 - ed).

And our Tina seems to fit right in. As she herself says about Norrisimo, "... that man is so easy to wind up, it is scary."

So which is the real Tina? At this point, it's hard to tell. There's no doubt that there's still a firebrand lurking behind the mild mannered Kabin employee. But, for the movement anyway, Tina is a breath of fresh air to that musty newsagent's shop and maybe the spur for some fresh stories involving Norris and Rita. That's surely a welcome change... unless she gets angry.

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