Friday, October 9, 2009


spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the October 8 episode on CBC

Time for another edition of 'TGIF' or 'Tony Gordon, it's Friday' featuring a selection of quotes from the week (along with some editorial comments thrown in for good measure). Let's do it:

Janice at the factory commenting on the arrival of Tony and Carla:
"Oh hey up, Morticia and Lurch are here"
(I guess that means Vickie is 'Uncle Fester' and Rosie gets to be 'Thing'?)

Carla terrorizing Rosie for revealing the video of her and Liam:
"You cross me again, Rosie, and I'll make you into a handbag, got it?"
(another manufacturing innovation by Underworld... )

Weatherfield Gazette reporter Hannah Steele describes the proposed headline for a double-page spread about Rosie:
"My weeks of hell by Rosie Webster."
(shouldn't that be 'My weeks of hell with Rosie Webster' ?)

Peter Barlow facetiously trying to recall what he did with Simon's Teddy Bear during a drunken pub crawl:
"I remember knocking back tequila slammers in this cocktail bar and the bear got hit upon by this tall blonde bird and they went to a night-club together."
(So, in other words, the Teddy Bear is getting more action than you...)

Peter Barlow again:
"it’s probably a bit smaller than that, about eight inches"
(...we're still talking about the Teddy Bear, right?")

Liz Macdonald explaining Brazilian Crunch to Lloyd:
"It’s a mixture of salsa and aerobics. "
(Lloyd is only interested if there are nachos to go with the salsa)

Ken playing the part of Joseph in order to recreate Simon's nativity play for Peter:
"But my wife is heavy with child"
(then maybe she should cut down on her smoking and ease off on the G&Ts...)

Carla complaining about Tony who is pushing Scotland as a ski vacation destination:
"Are you sponsored by the Scottish tourist board or summat?"
(yes, their slogan is: 'people would kill to come here')

Jed trying out a nickname on Norris:
Do you mind if I call you nuzzer?
(no, do you mind if I call you 'stoner' ?)


Shots from the hip... that's it for the week. Hope you enjoyed visiting and I hope you enjoy our Canadian Thanksgiving (Monday is a particularly good day to give thanks... for a new episode of Corrie). All the best and cheers.

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