Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rosie Webster's guide to classical music

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the November 18 episode on CBC

Finally! The saddo who usually writes this boring loser blog has given me, Rosie Webster, a chance to talk about me ..oh yeah .. and classical music (whatever - ed). In case you don't know who I am (as if - ed), my photos were in last week's Weatherfield Gazette and I looked well fit. Thanks to that weirdo John Stape, I'm quite famous and I even got paid! How cool is that? (um, what about the classical music - ed). Oh yeah, almost forgot. Okay, so I'm in the grotty caf the other day and the fossil behind the counter is like playing some creepy vampire music.
So I say: "What is this rubbish anyway?" (I know, I know, brilliant eh?).
And like, ol mister school thingy says: "L. Gar"
And so I say (and this part's really, really good): "What does the “L” stand for? Loser?'

L. Gar

Anyway, so like I thought okay, for those pathetic people who actually want to know more about this creepoid music (instead of say Beyonce or Kylie), here's some info.

1. Apparently classical music was really, really popular way back in the prehistoric era. Cavemen used to play this stuff while inventing fire and the wheel and such.

2. You won't believe this but there is actually more than one classical music artist (like there are more than one Minogue or Jonas Brothers) Incredible!

3. Beside Loser Gar (or L. Gar if you insist), some other classical music saddos are: Baithoven, Bark, Brams (must be brothers, I guess), Showpan, Handle and Shoebert.

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