Friday, November 20, 2009

TGIF: Nov 20

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the November 19 episode on CBC

Welcome one and all to Friday at BPH when we down a few pints, throw a few arrows (I'm usually the goalie - ed) and showcase some of the best quotes of the week in a regular feature we like to call 'Tony Gordon, it's Friday' or TGIF (that's not what I like to call it - ed). All aboard for a quick tour of the week's memorable lines:

Eileen asking Julie Carp (Kirk's girlfriend) about her unusual family name:
"No, it’s just that I know a Carp."
(...sounds fishy to me)

Kevin telling Sophie that he is available, and qualified, to hear about her teen problems:
"I was a teenager once, you know"
(and he has the photos of his mullet hairdo to prove it)

Tony Gordon trying to make Maria's mental state and her accusations seem crazy:
"Do all the voices in your head have Scottish accents?"
(no, just you, Sean Connery, Billy Connolly, Sheena Easton and Scotty from Star Trek)

Blanche's frank confession to Leanne:
"When our Peter took up with you, I had you down as a fly by night trollop who'd take him for every penny"
(sorry to disappoint you)

Ken, accepting Martha's invitation to stay/ for a spot of Earl Grey:
"Well, if you put it like that I’m a sucker for a rhyming couplet"
(ahem.. 'my dog is not named Rover/but I'm quite keen for a legover')

Martha waxing philosophic about a quiet, contemplative life:
"Go placidly among the noise and the haste and remember what peace there can be in silence.."
(...unless you live next door to the Windasses)

Carla commenting on the roominess of Emily's house:
"They're bigger than they look on the outside, aren’t they? "
(yeah, just like the Tardis on Doctor Who and, interestingly, Norris is just as annoying as the Daleks)

Carla, trying to discover the truth about Tony by speaking with Jed Stone over a mixed grill:
"Did my husband try and strangle you... Mr. Stone?"
(No, of course, not. He was just happy to see me, extended his hand in friendship and shook me warmly by the neck)


Shots from the hip... that's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments. Always appreciated. Enjoy the Friday episode and the weekend omnibus edition.
Bye for now.

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  1. Welcome one and all to Friday at BPH when we down a few pints,-

    Corrie Heart, As usual, a fine post! I've had my usual :) Friday pints. I think you are at your best on a Friday, summing up the week. Lots going on, on Corrie St. Carla & Martha had a lot to say this week. Mary