Tuesday, December 15, 2009

moussaka massacre

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the December 14 episode on CBC

In many ways, infidelity is one of the engines of Coronation Street intrigue (certainly gets Ken's motor running - ed). Right now, we certainly have a thorny case of infidelity brewing as Ken spends more time on the narrow boat -- and less time in the narrow house. Martha, it seems, is everything Ken has been looking for in a soul mate: witty, intellectual, interested in the arts and an amateur thespian to boot (how can she be a thespian if she likes men? - ed). Methinks it's only a matter of time before good ol' Kenny hangs a sign on the boat, 'if this boat is a rockin, don't come a knocking' or 'if this barge is rolling, just keep a strollin' or... (get on with it - ed).

Meanwhile back on the street, Deirdre is looking like the poor cousin to Martha. While Martha makes homemade leek and potato soup, Deirdre gets hers from a can. While Martha pursues the lively arts, Deirdre brings Liz and Lloyd over for Tagine. While Martha offers endless cups of tea and conversation, Deirdre offers reno plans for Blanche's room.

But is this comparison completely fair?

Not really. There was a time when Ken was desperately in love with Deirdre, when he would have fought Mike Baldwin to the death to win her love, when he would have smacked Ray Langdon in the gob out of sheer jealously. And look at Deirdre's devotion to Ken's extended (over-extended, you mean - ed) family. She embraces Ken's grandchild, Simon, and even takes on the challenge of Peter, the alcoholic. Surely that's above and beyond?

I don't really blame Ken for his roving eye. It's part of his inner personality, like the conflict between his working class roots and his university education. And, yes, Martha is a comely water nymph who is hard to resist. But I can't help feeling that Deirdre deserves better than deception and an over-cooked moussaka in the oven. Well, at least, Eccles will be happy - he gets the leftovers.

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