Friday, December 11, 2009

TGIF December 11

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the December 10 episode on CBC

It's Friday and that means 'Tony Gordon, it's Friday' (or TGIF) is back for another edition looking at some of sparkling banter from the past week and highlighting some of the best lines - along with suitably sarky comments (your welcome - ed). So, to paraphrase the Black Eyed Peas (you mean Black eyed mushy peas - ed), let's get this party started:

Len Windass trying to convince Ted to prevent Tina from testifying against Gary:
"We're the elder statesmen of these two families. It’s our duty to try and sort this mess out. Man to man."
(I think you may be short one man...)

Deirdre has a brainwave and invites Liz & Lloyd over to Chez Barlow for dinner:
"Hey, I know, why don’t you come around to ours? I've been itching to try lamb tagine"
(Tastes just like hotpot with raisins... you'll love it)

Julie describing Tony Gordon's edict to fire one factory employee:
"It’s like in the olden days when people had their heads chopped off."
(You mean during the Mike Baldwin years?)

Michelle spews venom at Becky Granger:
"You're nowt but a scrawny slapper with all the class of a town centre toilet"
(hey, wait a minute, she's not scrawny...)

Michelle again on the prospect of seeing Becky in a wedding dress:
"She'll look like a whippet in a frock"
(... whippet good)

Newcomer Luke Strong making himself at home at the factory, much to Tony's chagrin:
"I'll have to set up an email account."
(How about

Tony' s not-so-subtle hint that Rosie should leave his office:
"Stay on the floor, could you, Rosie? "
(Certainly Mr. Gordon, horizontal or vertical?)

Graeme offering a potted plant to Ashley to apologize for playing a prank:
"She'll be uh, happy on a mantle or on a windowsill. She won’t give you no bother, oh, and she likes a good drink once a week.."
(That takes care of Clare, now what about the plant?)

Tony telling Luke Strong that he doesn't need any help at Underworld:
"I could run that place in the dark. I could run it with my hands tied behind my back "
(Well, certainly with someone's hands tied behind their back...)


Shots from the hip... That's it for the week. Thanks for bearing with me in a tough week given that we lost Blanche Hunt/Maggie Jones just a week ago. Still, as someone said, it makes you want to savour her lines all the more in the months ahead. Enjoy tonight's episode and the omnibus and I'll meet you back here next Tuesday. Bye for now.

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