Thursday, December 10, 2009

Strong man

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the December 9 episode on CBC

'The name's Strong, Luke Strong'. I like this guy already and he's only said 36 words (hmm... same number as Ken uses to describe 'toast' - ed). Seems like Lucky Luke has been appointed by Carla to run Underworld (into the ground? - ed). Should be an interesting meeting of minds in the corner office of the knicker factory (if it's a meeting of minds, I assume Rosie is excluded... - ed).

Should be even more interesting to see the reaction of all and sundry to a new fella on the Street. Just picture the first time he strides into Rovers for his first hotpot (you always remember your first time - ed). I imagine all female eyes will give the new manhunk the once over and of course the usual suspects will be keen to chat up the stranger. Let me take a quick stab at the list of interested females and their probable pick-up lines:

1. Kelly Crabtree (always quick off the mark) will be first to sidle up to Mr. Strong, flashing her gams: "I love a Strong man. How'd you like to come down to Canal Street and watch the submarine races wi' me."

2. Poppy lost out on Lloyd but will be ready to serve Luke: "I'd love to show you a Brazilian Crunch... and then maybe we can go to my exercise class."

3. Natasha couldn't pique Steve's interest so she'll be up next: "I work at Audrey's. Why don't you drop in some time and we can do some highlights."

4. Liz won't be able to resist: "This one's on the house, and let me get you a free drink while I'm at it."

5. Michelle is on the rebound: "I just got a job at the Bookies... and I bet I'll see you there later."

6. And of course there's always Betty Turpin: "That'll be 1 pound 20, lovey, Did anyone ever tell you you look a lot like my Cyril? He was a policeman you know. Knew his way around a uniform and a pair of handcuffs, he did."

Let the legover sweepstakes begin...

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  1. Don't forget Rosie! She's already had a go at two bosses - Liam and Tony - Luke won't be able to escape her attention!