Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Tony Theory part 1

note: no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Well dear Hip readers (more like Hip 'waders' - ed), life goes on - especially on the Street where the action continues apace ('apace' ? give me 'abreak' - ed). Last week, I alluded to my theory about Tony and finally it's time to expand (Is that why you ate an entire box of Quality Street? - ed).

First, it's important to underline to Canadian viewers that I don't deal in spoilers and never would. On those rare occasions when I have accidentally happened upon a spoiler while doing research (establishing definitive number of Bet Lynch's cigarette holders? - ed), I have kept it to myself and suffered the consequences (Who knew that Janice would turn out to be a skiver? -ed).

That said, my thoughts about Tony are pure conjecture based on his past and my inherent distrust of a sociopath. (Question: What's the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath? Answer: Ask Richard Hillman - ed). I don't think he's changed. I don't think he's remorseful and I don't think he's become all sensitive - even though he seems forlorn without Carla and is being 'nice ' to Maria.

I have two reasons for thinking that he hasn't changed.

Number One is his staff decimation policy (Note from HR to Julie Carp: pick a hapless factory worker and fire them for no reason. Thanks.). What's that all about? Only a nutbar does stuff like that for no ostensible reason.

Still not convinced? I have more. Cast your mind back, way back to that little spa weekend which Tony arranged for Carla, Liam, Maria and himself. Now, think back to that little story Tony recounted about his revenge on a disloyal worker, Lisa Worthington, which he termed one of his "finest triumphs". I think that provides a big clue as to how our Tony will proceed in the weeks ahead. I'll finish the thought tomorrow and then you can judge for yourself. Until then, don't go into Underworld if it's dark and Tony has lingerie...

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